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A selection of our favourite Putumayo albums - you will have heard many of
these titles playingin our stores. From chilled Bossa Nova, to lively African
beats, the Putumayo World Music collection has been introducing people to
new and exciting genres of music from around the globe for twenty years.
Latin Beat

Upbeat, carefree grooves from South America, with influences from a staggering array of modern music genres.  Fantastico!

Louisiana Gumbo
As the title suggests, everything from blues to funk, rock & roll to zydeco, often mulched up into a single fat-bottomed groove.

South Africa
A collection that celebrates the rich musical diversity of this unique country at the southern tip of Africa. Get in the groove.

Rhythm & Blues

Classic and modern R&B from original artists, famous names, and up-and-coming acts.  From the birthplace of modernmusic.

Mississippi Blues
Take a musical journey down the Mississippi River with tracks that will keep your toes tapping the entire way.

Rich with contemporary singer-songwriters who have honed their craft by exploring the country’s rural traditions.

Well-known stars and new discoveries demonstrate the lyrical appeal of this
quintessential American roots music genre.

New Orleans

Feel the streets of New Orleans. This Swing, Blues and Jazz collection illustrates the innate style of The Big Easy.

Acoustic Brazil
This relaxed album focuses on the more delicate Brazilian music that comes to life in the aftermath of the party.

Acoustic Cafe
A heartfelt collection of pared-down love songs, by singer-songwriters from around the english speaking world.

Cafe Cubano
With roots back to Europe and Africa, spiced with pan-American infuences. get down to the swinging style of Cuban music.

Acoustic France

A unique showcase of the poetic qualities of the French language, against the simplicity of acoustic music.

Brazilian Cafe

Evoking the sanguine, sun-bleached cafes of Brazilian beaches and the beautiful people who populate them.
Jazz Around The World

Illustrating the global popularity of Jazz, this album explores the influence of this genre around the world. 
Women Of Jazz

Showcasing the artistry
and passion of female Jazz singers througout the
last 100 years. Sultry, talented and most definitely powerful.

African Beat
African beats and Western rhythms unite on this collection of contemporary African tunes. 
A huge favourite.


Exceptional recordings of classic songs by Jazz legends Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, & Nina Simone, amongst others.
Vintage France

Step back in time to Paris of the 1950s and 60s, with classic French chansons by legends and contemporary artists.
American Blues

From Mississippi, through Louisiana and on to Chicago, this collection draws from Blues' eclectic influence across the USA.
Bossa Nova

The iconic sound of Bossa Nova blended effortlessly with global influences. Chilled, summery, relaxed music - perfect.

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